Birthday Week Celebrations

birthdayfeaturedOur 6 month anniversary of leaving the U.S. also happens to collide with my birthday week! The weather is getting cooler, leaves are changing and celebrations are in full swing over here!

Right now, I’m sitting quietly and eating chocolate ALONE.

Talk about a celebration!

This week has been all around sweet.


Most days, I’ve been waking to Milo bringing me home flowers and the sweetest hugs ever. Kevin lets me sleep in and stay up as late as I desire. And we’ve been planning out our next three months of slow travel.

Kevin planned out the most amazing surprise birthday getaway to the mountains in Kobe! We visited an onsen town that has a 1000 year history via a series of cable cars and ropeways. We ate banana tiramisu and countless local specialties.

smcablecarWhen we got home we even had a babysitter lined up for the first time in 8 months! Kevin and I got to dine ALONE without trying to persuade a toddler to keep his feet off of the table. #ladyluxurybdaynightAs the week comes to an end, I am realizing that we’re all exhausted! Our little family is in need some serious relaxation time. BUT we still have so much more on our plates in the next few weeks..

We’re Leaving Japan

We are so sad to say this, but in just 2 weeks, we are leaving Japan for the winter. We didn’t get our visas in time, so we need to leave and come back later to try again.

Ugh.. just when the weather was starting to get nice.. 

But before we leave we have one more glorious trip planned to Nozawa Onsen Village in Nagano. We will be staying at Ryokan SAKAYA, a beautiful traditional inn that has been operating for 18 generations. Stay tuned for updates from our recent travels and more info about Nozawa.

What’s Next?

After leaving Japan we are heading to SOUTH KOREA! We’ve been in love with k-pop, k-dramas, k-everything for years and now we finally get to check out the scene.

Watch out for a newly updated TRAVEL section of our site in the days to come! Lot of new posts, travel videos and tons of photos will be available for your viewing pleasure.

Have you been to South Korea?

Where did you go?

What did you do?

Tell me all about it!