Cash's In Hong KongHello there! We are Sherry, Kevin and Milo! We are an American family, currently based in Kyoto, Japan. Around here, we love travel, babies and business. And we want to talk to you about it all. Mother Fern is a place for us to share our travels, outlandish goals (We recently moved to Japan!!!!) and inspirations.

By day, we are parents to our beautiful toddler, trying our best to be healthy and the creative forces behind our web design firm, HigherFields.com. By night, we try to find a little time to put into our passion projects… like our t-shirt line that features historical images, Vanishingmtn.com.

Sometimes we sleep.

Kevin and I realized shortly before getting pregnant with Milo that the ‘American dream’ wasn’t working for us. We were living in Portland, Oregon and no matter how much money we made, the prices kept rising and our quality of living remained the same. Long hours and different schedules kept us isolated from each other and depression was sinking in. After having Milo, the isolating kept growing. We felt like we would lose ourselves without a dramatic lifestyle change.

We had fallen in love with Japan several years before and were constantly inspired by family travel blogs. So one day in early spring, we decided to sell and donate 99% of our belongings, booked 3 tickets for Japan and figure it all out along the way.

Our main goal for this family travel blog is to inspire other families to explore the world around them. We’re also keen on reconnecting with our friends and family from afar. Hopefully, we’ll even make a few new friends along the way.

Please feel free to connect with us if you are interested in collaborating or have any questions whatsoever.

EMAIL: hello@motherfern.com

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