A list of practical and beautiful supplies for making a smooth transition into baby led weaning. We’ve searched the internet high and low for the loveliest natural feeding supplies for baby. This list is focused on supplies that will help you and baby get through introducing solids and trying new foods.

Cute Wooden Animal Cutlery Set

These hand carved little animals are truly beautiful. Our little lamb LOVES using his llama spork for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl & Soft Tip Silicone Spoon

A best seller on Amazon! Help baby develop confidence in feeding herself with a beautiful bowl that stays put! No need to worry about baby throwing that bowl of peas across the room.

Three-in-One Stainless Steel Food Container Set

Eat in style on the go with this adorable baby bento set. The 2 tier bento is perfect for mom or dad to pack their lunch and the small snack container is just right for a baby sized portion. This is one of the most used items in our home.

Cherry Bowl and Baby Spoon Set

Another stunning set from Camden Rose. This cherry wood bowl and spoon set is sure to be worthy of passing down through the generations.

Shoulder Lunch Tote

My favorite tote by Built NY. The base is made from wetsuit material and keeps items cool for up to 4 hours.

Stainless Steel Mini Food Containers

Perfect for on the go. Keep this cute containers in your purse or lunch tote for easy access to healthy snacks.

Maple Wood Place Setting with Muslin Storage Bag

Everything a kid needs to get started with baby led weaning. This set comes with a maple wood bowl, plate, knife, fork and spoon. The rounded wood edges are great for baby to practice feeding herself without the risk of injury.

5-Inch Wooden Toddler Chair

These chair are in high demand and go fast when they are in stock. They come in a variety of sizes suitable for babies to big kids. They are very well built and seem less likely to tip over than other chairs we’ve tried. Pair it with a nice wooden table and you are on your way to a lovely, independent dining area for baby.

Child’s First Table

A sturdy little table from small children. It’s perfect for dinner time or crafts. A great addition to encourage blossoming feeding skills.

Bamboo Feeding Spoons

One of our favorite spoons! These bamboo spoons are sustainable, beautiful and durable. The mouth of the spoon is a little bit larger than most traditional baby spoons, so it’s great for hungry toddlers that can handle a little more food.

One-Piece Silicone Placemat + Bowl

You children can practice feeding themselves with a little less frustration thanks to this silicone all-in-one bowl and placement. Less food flying across the room. Less mess for you. Everyone wins.

One-Piece Silicone Placemat + Plate

The same great concept as the mat listed above but this time it comes in a plate style with 3 compartments for more variety.

Natural Wood Heat-Proof Bowl & Cover

Dinner is a surprise with this wood bowl and cover. Let your little one lift the cover all by herself and delight in what nourishing meal you’ve made.

Crystal Jelly Jars with Lids and Bands

These are one of the most used items that we’ve ever purchased. Make and freeze large batches of food for your baby or toddler with these handy little canning jars. The stack perfectly and reheat easily. There are few things less satisfying than a freezer stocked full of healthy homemade baby food.

Natural Stainless Kiki Straw Cup

We love these transitioning cups by Kiki. They are 100% plastic free, using a medical grade silicone for the straw.

5 Section Stainless Steel Bento Food Container

Create beautiful lunches for you and your babe to share on to go. This large stainless steel bento is sleek and the 5 compartments give you lots of room for variety.


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