Rustic & Blue In Chiang MaiI’m thrilled that we stumbled upon Rustic & Blue, a beautiful cafe located in the Nimman area of Chiang Mai. This may be my family’s favorite restaurant of all time. During our two months stay in the city, we probably visited Rustic & Blue at least 100 times. Many mornings we anxiously awaited for them to open so we could have a quick bite with our toddler before rushing off for the rest of our day. Then my husband and I would find ourselves back at the cafe to work quietly in the afternoons. Then again, whole family would meet here for dinner. In the Nimman area there’s no shortage of great food options but the atmosphere at Rustic & Blue is especially welcoming.

The Setting

The cafe is stunning and looks like it’s right out of an Anthropologie photoshoot. Mixed matched wood and teal painted tables fill up the front care and back room, plants hang throughout the entire space and the food itself is a work of art. You can tell they are constantly trying to improve the space and their craft. During our stay, we witnessed them make many improvements and they even added a koi pond to the backyard. (Which my toddler jumped into..more on that another time..) They also have a play space for children in the back garden, stocked with a slide, a sandbox and lots toys.

The waitstaff was always very helpful and friendly. Filtered water was always brought to the table, a welcomed sight after strolling through the sweltering streets.

What’s For Breakfast?

Rustin & Blue Chiang MaiI am particularly fond of the Rosy Eggs Benedict. It’s typically served over top of an English muffin, but the staff accommodated my grain-free dietary restrictions by serving the dish over roasted sweet potatoes and salad. Kevin and Milo are obsessed with the scrambled eggs and fresh feta. I’ve never been the type to desire scrambled eggs but every time my husband ordered them, I found myself eating most of his dish.

Lunch Time!

Rustin & Blue Chiang Mai

Falafel Salad At Rustic & Blue In Chiang MaiThe Barbacoa Tacos are fabulously unique. The savory/sweet dish comes with 3 homemade taco shells, topped with roasted pork and a variety of fresh veggies, pomegranate seeds and kiwi slices. Almost every day I found myself ordering their Falafel Salad. The salad consists of homemade falafel, fresh greens, bell peppers, cukes, tomatoes, roasted squash and fresh hummus. It tasted amazing and had me completely hooked. When I was feeling a bit more indulgent, I would order Rustic & Blue’s Chorizo Salad. The salad was full of fresh local veggies. Perfectly ripe tomatoes, bits of melon, grapes and fresh feta cheese all make an appearance. Then the entire salad got a generous drizzling of balsamic reduction and it is absolute perfection.

Rustic & Blue In Chiang Mai


At night the place transforms into the perfect romantic date spot. It’s amazing what a little mood lighting can do. We met some friends who happened to be visiting from the States here one night for dinner and had a fantastic time. The staff were incredibly attentive and even brought out a new dish for us to share, on the house. If you enjoy craft beer you’ll be impressed by their small but highly curated selection of international craft beers. Including some Deschutes beers from Oregon which are a rare sight out of the States. They also have a wonderful selection of unique cocktails.

If you are ever anywhere near Chiang Mai, you should definitely make the trip to this cafe!